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  • Upcycle South Africa Newspaper Toilet Roll Crackers with handmade gifts inside

    Festive Crackers from Upcycled Materials with Poppers and Hand-Made Gifts Inside


    Whether it’s for Christmas, a year-end function or a birthday – Crackers just add that unbeatable element of fun and surprise!

    And the creative Upcycle team has stepped up the standards for fun and earth-friendly crackers – they make these crackers by hand, from reused newspapers and toilet rolls, and fill them lovely and useful small hand-made gifts. These little gifts will not only be desired for their utilitarian worth and durable quality, but will be appreciated for their creative reuse of waste materials and spark conversation and admiration for their beauty.

    Have a sneak peek what to expect inside – but there are loads more, as the Upcycle team is constantly innovating and bringing new ideas to life…. Always bound to surprise and delight!

    Note the colours and gifts are random. Large orders (20+) have a lead time of 2 – 5 days above the usual delivery times.

  • Consol 500ml sleek water bottle with bamboo lid - plain

    Consol 500ml Sleek Plain Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid


    Stay hydrated in style with this classic slim and sleek genuine Consol Glass water bottlet! It holds 500ml, is unprinted (classic plain) and comes with a bamboo lid (recyclable inner plastic lining). An essential and true staple of any zero-waste collection! This is also stylish enough to be used for fruit juices, iced tea and other beverages. Refill, rinse and repeat, ad infinitum!

  • Ecoelephant Artisinal Chocolate body soap

    Ecoelephant Artisanal Chocolate Body Soap


    Ecoelephant’s chocolate soap almost smells good enough to devour! With real, natural cocoa powder and coconut oil, it is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Cocoa has amazing benefits for all skin types, whether it is assisting with skin inflammation such as acne, rehydrating dry skin, promoting blood flow that improves elasticity and tightens loose skin, or slowing down signs of ageing. It is handmade with high quality, natural ingredients to care for your skin, without costing the planet.

    Approximately 100g

  • Ecoelephant Dish Cover Set Protea Print Thin (3)

    Ecoelephant Cotton Protea and Fynbos Dish Cover Set (Various Prints)


    These Ecoelephant dish covers are amazing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic wrap. The elastic around the cover will keep the cover snug and tight on your bowls. The fabric is thick enough to keep your food fresh. They are great for raising dough, covering cooked food, storing, keeping the bugs off and covering leftovers in the fridge. They are single-layered, hand-made in South Africa with 100% cotton canvas and an elastic stitched inside.

    >And they stylish to boot, with protea and fynbos prints reminiscent of our indigenous heritage! It adds a nice touch for your family meals, picnics and potluck suppers. It also makes for a wonderful zero-waste gift!

  • Sale! Simply Bee Hand Cream Glass

    Simply Bee Hand Cream


    Simply Bee’s all-natural hand cream has a smooth satin feel, with easy absorption and not leaving a greasy film. Luxuriously moisturising and rich, it is packed with nutrients to care for your hard-working hands. It not only feels divine, but also smells divine!

    Available in different sizes and packaging, including plastic-free options! The smaller sizes are great for keeping in the car or handbag, for when your hands need some TLC on-the-go.

  • Ecoelephant Artisinal coffee cocoa shampoo bar

    Ecoelephant Artisinal Coffee & Cocoa Shampoo Bar


    A divine smelling, foamy shampoo bar to moisturise and revitalise your hair, without the plastic container! Besides the alluring scent (it’s an aphrodisiac, okay!), cocoa has many benefits for hair, being rich in anti-oxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and iron. It nourishes the scalp and hair shafts, locks in moisture in the strands, resulting in stronger, healthier hair. The coffee grounds also offer a range of benefits – the high caffeine content helps to stimulate hair follicles, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

    This bar is suitable for all hair types, but especially thin hair can benefit from the volumising effects, and grey hair can benefit from the subtle, natural brown dye effects.

    Why shampoo bars? Because it requires minimal packaging, and is super convenient to travel with!

    Note that as with all saponified bars, this is a mildly alkaline shampoo, meaning that after washing your hair, you should rinse with something acidic, like a dash of lemon juice or vinegar, to pH-balance the alkalinity. It works wonderfully, and adds to the lustre and healthy shine!

    Approximately 60g – 70g

  • Holisteeq Whole Natural Unbleached Loofah

    Holisteeq Whole Loofah / Luffa Natural Sponge


    How wonderful that nature gave us exactly what we need to wash and scrub, without requiring plastics! Spell it however you like… loofah, loofa, or luffa… Invest in your health, your wallet and the earth with this long-lasting, entirely natural sponge, that doubles as exfoliating scrub. Cheap, durable, wonderfully effective, biodegradable, home-compostable and locally grown on the Highveld… Time to ditch those nylon shower sponges that are forever falling apart and sent to the landfill because it is not recyclable… Seriously, if you are not (for whatever reason) growing your own, you really should be giving this a try! Yes, please, organic zero waste for the win!

  • Ecoelephant laundry stain stick

    Ecoelephant Laundry Stain Stick


    The Ecoelephant vegan laundry stick is the perfect replacement for commercial laundry bars laden with harsh chemicals. It is a mild, natural formulation that works magic to clean grime, stains and dirt, without being harsh on your hands or your laundry. The lemony scent smells great too! Oh, and it’s plastic free!

    Approximately 60g

  • Mrs Martin’s Probiotic Flush Cistern Block 100g

    Mrs Martin’s Probiotic Flush Cistern Block


    This biodegradable, earth-friendly toilet cleaner prevents odours and blocked drains in any toilet. Yes, even an off-the-grid toilet flowing into a septic tank can now smell fresh! The millions of indigenous microbes in this block starts degrading dirt in the water as soon as you flush, keeping your septic tank or local sewage plant working well. Everything else in this block is non-toxic and degrades in less than 28 days so you can rest assured you are doing no harm. Neither to your system nor to the environment. It is also approved as hypo-allergenic by the Allergy Foundation of South Africa.

  • Consol 1L zero waste milk bottle with white colour metal lid

    Consol 1L Glass Zero-Waste Milk Bottle with Metal Lid


    This 1 litre genuine Consol glass bottle with white metal lid is perfect for refilling milk, juice, vinegar, cooking oil, etc. Refill farm fresh milk, make your own yogurt (dead easy), make your own cream cheese, etc… Zero-waste and plastic free! Glass is ideal for food storage because it preserves the taste and freshness of its contents. It is a healthier choice than other forms of food containers, because it does not leach BPA, heavy metals, micro-plastics and other chemicals into the food chain and waterways. Go, Glass!

  • Sale! Msulwa Life Eco Unisex Natural Deodorant Collection

    Msulwa Life Natural Deodorant (Vegan, Plastic Free)


    Msulwa Life has carefully formulated their natural deodorant balm, so it is suitable for both men and women, effective at keeping skin dry, odour-free and nourished for up to 48 hours! It is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet works great for everyday use including sports activities.

    Notably, the deodorant is free from aluminium and other cancer-causing ingredients that are commonly used in commercial deodorants. It is made from all-natural ingredients specifically selected for their useful properties. This formula will help kill odour-causing bacteria, help absorb sweat without blocking pores, keep you feeling dry and leave your skin soft and lightly scented. As an eco-bonus, the packaging is plastic free and biodegradable.

    Ah, but tell me: What’s your favourite scent? There’s plenty to choose from!

    Approximately 50g

  • Ecoboks straw bag shweshwe set with straws

    Holisteeq Stainless Steel Straws x2, Cleaner Brush and Bag Set


    These stainless steel straws are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws. They recyclable, reusable, BPA free, lead free and won’t leach any chemicals. With a 8mm diameter, it’s great for milkshakes, cocktails and juices. They are easy to pack on the go, highly reusable, simple to clean, and durable.

    The set comprises two thick stainless steel straws, a straw cleaner brush and a drawstring straw carry bag in your choice of colour and motive.

    Say cheers to saving the planet, one straw at a time!

  • Mrs Martin’s Probiotic Floor Cleaner 5l Concentrate plastic variations

    Mrs Martin’s Probiotic Floor Soap (Concentrate, To Be Diluted)


    The indigenous microbes in this bottle will release enzymes when needed to clean stubborn underfoot grime, and then hang around until they run out of food. That means any bad bacteria that gets deposited on your clean floor will be either devoured or crowded out, even hours after you have washed! As you pour your wash water down the drain the microbes continue to remove nasties such as nitrates, nitrites and ammonia the natural way. Everything else in this bottle is non-toxic and degrades within 28 days. Even the colourant and fragrance are hypo-allergenic and natural so that you can rest assured you are doing no harm. Neither to yourself nor to the environment. The scientific formulation was tested by the CSIR for safety and efficacy, and is approved by the Allergy Foundation of South Africa.

    Note this is a concentrate and should be diluted with water, serving as economical refills for Mrs Martins Probiotic Floor Soap (Ready to Use), while reducing packaging waste.

  • Simply Bee Hand and Body Lotion 250ml Front

    Simply Bee Honey Hand & Body Lotion


    Simply Bee Hand & Body Lotion is a perfect lotion that doesn’t just have the aroma of honey, but it also feels like silk on your skin. With all-natural ingredients like shea butter, real fynbos honey, beeswax, propolis and turmeric, this is one seriously luxurious lotion!

    250ml glass bottle with plastic pump lid.

  • Hemporium hemp sustainable fashion vegan unisex fleece socks

    Hemporium Hemp Fleece Socks


    This is the thicker, fleecier version of Hemporium’s hemp socks, being suitable for hiking or sporting use, and also great for everyday wear in winter time! It consists of 47% hemp, 38% cotton and 15% nylon blend.

    Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres, with superior durability, absorbency and breathability, making it long-lasting and super comfortable. It has some innate natural thermo-regulation (that keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter), anti-microbial properties (that makes it healthier) and some odour-resistance (score!)

    Note that because of the nylon blended into the textile, it is not considered biodegradable or home-compostable. But it will still outlast most socks, incorporates sustainable renewable materials, and are all-around fantastic socks. So get your feet this treat!