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Natural Life Hemp and Jute Dishcloth Scrubbie


Natural Life Hemp and Jute Dishcloth Scrubbies are perfect eco-friendly, zero-waste plastic-free kitchen cleaners, handmade in SA from sustainable natural renewable fibre. Make the switch today!


Natural Life Hemp and Jute Dishcloth Scrubbies are the perfect replacement for your synthetic dishcloth. It is handmade locally from sustainable natural hemp and jute fibre making it an eco-friendly zero-waste switch for your kitchen. They come in plastic free packaging.
Directions for use:Best used damp as hemp softens when wet and hardens as it dries. Air dry to prolong its life.

Made is SA:

Hand-made in South Africa


Sustainably grown hemp fibre and jute

Size and other specifications:

Size – 10cm x 18cm

Texture – Very rough spun, for scrubbing


Biodegradable, home compostable paper label

Additional information


10cm x 18cm


Very rough




Hemp fibre and jute fibre

Materials Notes

Hemp is a sustainable natural textile fibre, in the sense that it requires significantly less water to grow than cotton and unlike cotton, very little pesticides are needed for its farming. SA laws do not currently allow for growing hemp for textile production, therefore almost all hemp textile is imported into SA (unlike cotton, which can be grown locally for textile production but it is often cheaper to import). Therefore, the transportation of hemp textile is potentially more carbon-intensive than cotton depending on where the cotton is grown. The texture of hemp is rougher than cotton, and it also tends to last longer. Hemp is naturally anti-microbial.

Jute is also a sustainable natural fibre, made from resilient, drought resistant sisal plants, usually wild harvested, therefore no bush areas are cleared for the farming thereof. The plants require no pesticides and are extremely water-wise. It has a very rough, stiff texture. The thread tends to disintegrate quicker than most yarns.

Country of Origin

Made in SA


Biodegradable, home compostable paper label

Usage Instructions

Use for scrubbing household surfaces and dishes. Air dry between uses.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place.

Disposal Instructions

Simply place in the compost to decompose.



Limitations & Warnings

The texture is not suitable to soft, sensitive or delicate skin types.

Sustainable Choices

Plastic free, vegan, plant-based, made in South Africa, natural biodegradable home-compostable materials, recyclable biodegradable home-compostable packaging, sustainably grown


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