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Natural Life Bamboo Cutlery Spork


The Natural Life Bamboo Spork is a spoon and fork combined into one, made from sustainably-sourced FSC approved Moso bamboo, durable, reusable, biodegradable and home compostable. Perfect for plastic free zero waste travelling, day trips or lunch boxes!


If your office, school or favourite take-away spot is still using plastic or disposable cutlery then this is a must for you. It is also the perfect lunch box partner for the little ones!

The Natural Life Bamboo Spork is a spoon and fork combined into one, made from sustainably-sourced, FSC approved Moso bamboo. They are therefore biodegradable, durable and reusable. You are saving the planet one meal at a time!


Sustainably grown FSC approved Moso bamboo, biodegradable and home compostable

Soft boar bristles, biodegradable and home compostable

Size and other specifications:

Length – 17cm

Width of spoon and fork – 3cm

Length of spoon or fork – 5cm


Biodegradable home-compostable paper label

Country of Origin:

Made in China (PRC)

Additional information


Length – 17cm, Width of spoon and fork – 3cm, Length of spoon or fork – 5cm


FSC approved Moso bamboo

Materials Notes

The bamboo is sustainably grown and is naturally anti-microbial. It is natural, biodegradable and home compostable.

Country of Origin

People's Republic of China


Biodegradable home-compostable paper label

Usage Instructions

Use one end as a fork and the other end as a spoon. Wash with mild soapy water between uses but do not soak in water. Let dry.

Storage Instructions

Air dry to prolong its life. Store in a dry place.

Disposal Instructions

Compost at home. Decomposing will take a while since it is made of solid bamboo wood.



Limitations & Warnings

Keep away from children under age of 3

Sustainable Choices

Plastic free, vegan, plant-based, sustainably grown, natural biodegradable home-compostable materials, recyclable biodegradable home-compostable packaging


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