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Natural Life 100% Cotton Rounds Scrubbies – 5 Pack

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Natural Life 100% Cotton Rounds Scrubbies (5 pack) can be used as kitchen/household cleaners or mildly rough spun reusable face scrubbies for an eco-friendly plastic-free zero-waste switch away from disposable single-use cotton pads.

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Natural Life 100% Cotton Scrubbies are the perfect addition to you waste free journey. Use them as kitchen cleaning scrubbies, or as replacement to your disposable single-use cotton pads for medium-strong exfoliation. They are handmade locally from 100% natural cotton fibre making them the perfect eco-friendly zero-waste switch. Being cotton, the texture is milder than hemp, but rougher than bamboo viscose fibre. These scrubbies come in plastic free packaging.

Directions for use:

Best used damp as it softens when wet and hardens as it dries. Air dry to prolong its life.

Made is SA:

Hand-made in South Africa


100% cotton fibre

Size and other specifications:

Diameter – 8cm

Pack of 5

Texture – Mildly rough spun (not suitable for very soft or very sensitive skin)


Biodegradable, home compostable paper label

Additional information


8cm diameter


Mildly rough




Hemp fibre

Materials Notes

Cotton is a natural textile fibre, meaning it is biodegradable and compostable. Being one of the most widely used natural textiles, it can also relatively easily be recycled. It is however an agro-intensive crop to grow, requiring a lot of water, long growing seasons, and usually grown with a lot of pesticides (unless it explicitly states it is organic, in which case it probably required even more water due to crop losses). The texture is dependent on the production / processing methods used. It can easily be combed to a very fine texture, unlike hemp. Cotton yarn used for scrubbies' texture is usually rougher than bamboo viscose.

Country of Origin

Made in SA


Biodegradable, home compostable paper label

Usage Instructions

Best used damp as hemp softens when wet and hardens as it dries. Air dry to prolong its life. Intended as kitchen/household cleaning scrubbies or facial scrubbies (although the texture is rough, therefore not suitable for soft or sensitive skin). Wash them along with other laundry as needed.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place.

Disposal Instructions

Recycle along with other hemp textiles, or simply place in the compost to decompose.



Limitations & Warnings

If using as facial scrubbies, choose a texture that suits your skin type. This is not suitable to soft, sensitive or delicate skin types.

Sustainable Choices

Plastic free, vegan, plant-based, made in South Africa, natural biodegradable home-compostable materials, recyclable biodegradable home-compostable packaging

1 review for Natural Life 100% Cotton Rounds Scrubbies – 5 Pack

  1. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Nerine Dednam

    Works better than normal disposable cotton rounds. Cleans well in the laundry. I love this product.

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