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Consol 500ml Sleek Plain Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid

By: Consol


Stay hydrated in style with this classic slim and sleek genuine Consol Glass water bottlet! It holds 500ml, is unprinted (classic plain) and comes with a bamboo lid (recyclable inner plastic lining). An essential and true staple of any zero-waste collection! This is also stylish enough to be used for fruit juices, iced tea and other beverages. Refill, rinse and repeat, ad infinitum!


This 500ml genuine Consol Glass water bottle is slim, sleek and unprinted, for a classic look that speaks of style! It comes with a bamboo lid (recyclable inner plastic lining). It’s intended for water, to keep you hydrated on the go, in the office, etc. without needing to buy plastic bottled water. It would also work great for fruit juice, iced tea, and other cold beverages. The bamboo lid just adds that extra touch of class, as bamboo is a fast regenerating, sustainable resource. A zero-waste essential item!

Why use genuine Consol glass? Consol is known for their dedication to quality glass products. The material inputs to their manufacturing process also consist of up to 70% recycled glass (fun fact – glass is 100% recyclable, and endlessly recyclable because it does not deteriorate in quality or composition).

Made is SA:

Manufactured in South Africa


Consol glass bottle

Bamboo lid with recyclable inner plastic lining


Capacity: 500ml

Shape: Sleek

Glass colour: Flint

Printed motive – variable (choose from selection)

Weight: 370g

Height: 221.5mm

Mouth: 25mm

Diameter: 67mm

Care instructions:

The glass is dishwasher safe, but the bamboo lid is not. Do not submerse the lid in water for extended periods of time.


Biodegradable, home compostable paper label

Additional information

Print Motive

None (plain

Body Shape


Glass Colour










Mouth Diameter



Glass bottle with bamboo lid (with inner plastic lining on lid)

Material Notes

Consol glass is made from up to 70% recycled glass. Glass preserves the taste and freshness of its contents, plus it is a healthier choice than other forms of food containers, because it’s free of BPA and other synthetic chemicals and does not leach heavy metals. Additionally, it has a longer shelf life than most other forms of packaging and is less damaging to the environment during the manufacturing process. Glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality (unlike plastic or metal containers).

Country of Origin

Made in SA


Biodegradable, home compostable paper label

Care Instructions

The glass bottle is dishwasher safe, but the bamboo lid is not. Do not submerse the lid in liquid for extended periods of time.

Disposal Instructions

Recycle the glass with other food-usage glass. Separate the lid into its bamboo and plastic liner consituents and recycle separately with like materials. The bamboo, once separated, can also be home composted (but will take some time to decompose, much like wood).

Limitations & Warnings

Keep away from children too young to handle glass. Exreme heat or cold can cause glass to crack or break. Glass is fragile and may shatter if not handled carefully. Broken glass can be dangerous. Do not touch broken shards with bare hands. Do not use product when chipped or cracked.

Sustainable Choices

Less plastic, free, zero waste, sustainably grown, made in South Africa, recyclable and natural biodegradable home-compostable materials, recyclable biodegradable home-compostable packaging


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