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  • Simply Bee Men's Soap Front

    Simply Bee Men’s Body Soap


    A divine, earthy, manly scented body soap by Simply Bee. The ingredients are a natural blend designed to hydrate, balance, restore and moisturise skin, leaving you clean and fresh, ready for adventure! Clean ingredients, clean body, clean earth… All in one! Get your game on!

    90g in waxed paper with kraft cardboard and vinyl sticker

  • Simply Bee Men's Gift Box

    Simply Bee Men’s Gift Box


    A stylish pre-packed gift box with a collection of natural facial grooming treats for a special man… He will look and feel his best, using the Simply Bee shaving soap, quality badger-friendly beech wood shaving brush and Simply Bee Men’s facial moisturiser, also doubling as an aftershave lotion. In true Simply Bee tradition, expect a hydrating, healing and soothing experience, which, together with the right blade, gives a razor sharp shave. Let that special man feel like a stallion ready to take on the world! Even the pickiest of men will love this set!

    All the ingredients are natural, with none of the petro-chemical and artificial toxin-laden ingredients commonly found in commercial products. The bee-by products are sustainably sourced, on a cruelty-free organic fynbos farm in the Western Cape, not used for commercial pollination, with badger-friendly hives, and no royal jelly or pollen harvesting, also raising bee conservation awareness in the area.

  • Simply Bee Men's Moisturising Aftershave Lotion Front

    Simply Bee Men’s Moisturising Aftershave Lotion


    A nourishing, soothing, yet light-weight lotion by Simply Bee, perfect as an aftershave moisturiser. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-septic natural and natural-derived ingredients, alongside the powerful healing properties of beeswax, honey and propolis and moisturising shea butter. Because it is not stringent or alcohol based like most aftershaves, instead opting for a light shea butter lotion base, it will not dry out your skin, leading to fewer shave-related irritations.

    200ml recyclable plastic bottle with pump lid

  • Simply Bee Men's Hand and Body Lotion Front

    Simply Bee Men’s Hand and Body Lotion


    Keep the ashy skin at bay with this hydrating, fast absorbing, alluring manly scented lotion by Simply Bee. Made of natural and natural-derived ingredients, it restores and replenishes dry and tired skin, helps to promote suppleness and fights signs of aging, skin irritations and stress. Winter skin? Sorted!

    200ml recyclable plastic bottle with pump lid

  • Simply Bee Men's Shaving Soap Front

    Simply Bee Shaving Soap


    Simply Bee Shaving Soap is a rich lathering semi-hard creamy mixture for hydrating, close shave. Castor oil and propolis promotes healthy hair follicles, which in turn lead to less ingrown hair, strawberry legs, razor bumps and general inflammation. The moisturising, natural and natural-derived ingredients deeply satiate and help restore your skin without clogging pores (unlike most commercial canned shaving foams!).

    A little goes a long way, and you can also expect this shaving soap to last a lot longer than the typical canned shaving foam, working out more economical as well creating less waste. It has a subtle, pleasant, unisex scent.

    125ml recyclable plastic tub

  • Sale! Beard care essentials (2)

    The Legendary Beard Kit


    An essential collection of natural male mane grooming treats, for the bearded gentleman who knows “with great beard comes great responsibility”. He also knows “natural never goes out of style, it’s a return to tradition”. Give that legendary beard the respect it deserves!

    This set contains a selection of Simply Bee’s men’s organic beard care range, to tame, nourish and hydrate beard and moustache for a healthy, shiny, full, thick and soft mane. It also contains a high quality pear wood comb to style and finish off the groomed, respectable look. That’s all great in and of itself, but nothing beats that earthy, delectably attractive scent!

  • Sale! Bumble beard grooming kit (2)

    The Bumble Beard Grooming Kit


    A vintage, manly collection of natural beard grooming treats, for the gentleman who knows “natural never goes out of style”, and “old school is more cool!”

    It contains a selection of Simply Bee’s men’s organic beard care range, to tame, nourish and hydrate beard and moustache for a healthy, shiny mane. It also contains a high quality, badger-friendly wood shaving brush, a rich, foamy and creamy milk stout shaving soap bar, a high quality corrosion resistant hard-chromed safety razor, and a set of Lion replacement razor blades, for a “sharp, sharp shave, every time”. To finish off the groomed, delectable look, Simply Bee’s all-natural lip balm ensures smooth, sensuous lips.

  • Simply Bee Men's Shaving Brush Front

    Simply Bee Shaving Brush


    The Simply Bee Shaving Brush has a plastic-free handle made of wood, and is badger-friendly with synthetic bristles. Have that touch of class with a retro style shaving brush, without the badger hair!

  • Simply Bee Men's Moustache Wax 50g tin Front

    Simply Bee Mustache Wax


    Simply Bee Moustache Wax is a great way to style and control your moustache. Long-lasting, all-natural and with a subtle manly scent, this is what your mustache has been yearning for to keep healthy, shiny, neat and tidy.

    50g aluminium tin

  • Simply Bee Men's Beard Oil Front

    Simply Bee Men’s Beard Oil


    Simply Bee Beard Oil with conditioning jojoba oil helps soften and tame beard hair, whilst strengthening and conditioning the beard strands and roots. It also acts as beard styling agent, ensuring your beard looks shiny, healthy, super sexy and groomed. Oh, and you and your partner will love the scent! The fragrance is subtle, not overpowering, yet alluring.

    30ml glass bottle with dripper top

  • Simply Bee Tissue Oil 100ml Front

    Simply Bee Tissue Oil


    Simply Bee Tissue Oil is an advanced, all-natural formula that combines 5 powerful essential oils, beeswax and propolis. It deeply hydrates, protects and restores your body’s largest organ – the skin. The active ingredients in this premium tissue oil are selected for their abilities to heal and reduce scars, acne marks and stretch marks, boost skin elasticity, helps to fade wrinkles and blemishes, even skin tone, lock in moisture and firm up the skin. It has a strong aromatic fragrance. A real natural powerhouse for your precious skin!

  • Simply Bee Rescue Pack Front Top

    Simply Bee Rescue Starter Pack / Gift Set


    An all-natural collection for any home’s first aid kit, this Simply Bee Starter Pack / Gift Set contains natural remedies for common ailments, such as:

    • coughs and colds,
    • eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, cold sores, etc.
    • pesky insects and insect bites / stings, and
    • dry, cracked or split cuticles

    A fantastic entirely natural first line of defense for minor situations!

  • Simply Bee Insect Repellent 25ml Front

    Simply Bee Insect Repellent


    An entirely natural blend of essential oils in carrier oils, mixed with beeswax and propolis, this Simple Bee Insect Repellent keeps mosquitoes and flies away, without all the harmful ingredients of commercial insect repellents. Citronella and lemon grass is the secret scents that keep the mozzies at bay, while the coconut oil, sunflower oil and beeswax gives it the consistency of an ointment, that you can easily rub all over your skin. A touch of propolis helps soothe existing insect bites and stings. A fantastic all-natural replacement for commercial toxins! Don’t let the bugs bug you!

  • Simply Bee Cold Chest 25ml Front

    Simply Bee Cold Chest Remedy


    The Simply Bee all-natural Cold Chest Remedy contains beeswax, propolis, olive oil and eucalyptus oil. Free from synthetic chemicals, petroleum compounds or other harsh ingredients, this chest ointment is exactly what you need for coughs and colds. A great addition to any home’s natural first aid kit!

  • Simply Bee Anti-Septic 25ml Front

    Simply Bee Antiseptic Balm


    One of the Simply Bee range best-sellers, this Antiseptic Balm is a must in every household’s natural first aid kit! It is recommended for a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, cold sores, etc. A golden keeper in terms of natural / alternative remedies!