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  • Simply Bee Insect Repellent 25ml Front

    Simply Bee Insect Repellent


    An entirely natural blend of essential oils in carrier oils, mixed with beeswax and propolis, this Simple Bee Insect Repellent keeps mosquitoes and flies away, without all the harmful ingredients of commercial insect repellents. Citronella and lemon grass is the secret scents that keep the mozzies at bay, while the coconut oil, sunflower oil and beeswax gives it the consistency of an ointment, that you can easily rub all over your skin. A touch of propolis helps soothe existing insect bites and stings. A fantastic all-natural replacement for commercial toxins! Don’t let the bugs bug you!

  • Natural life anti-mosquito spray

    Natural Life Non-Toxic Mozzie Spray


    Natural Life Non-Toxic Mozzie Spray, made in South Africa from gentle natural ingredients known to repel mosquitoes, in plastic-free packaging. If the mozzies bug you, better use this to anti-bug them back!