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  • Natural Life Hand and Body Cream

    Natural Life Skin Rejuvenating Hand and Body Cream


    Natural Life Skin Rejuvenating Hand and Body Cream. Moisturing and uplifting notes of citrus blossoms, locally made from natural eco-friendly ingredients, in plastic-free packaging. Rich, absorbing and healing!

    100ml glass jar with aluminium lid.

  • Natural Life Eczema Cream

    Natural Life Eczema Hand and Body Cream


    Natural Life Eczema Hand and Body Cream, made in SA from natural ingredients that soothes and heals skin prone to eczema, in plastic free packaging. If you struggle with dry, scaly skin or eczema, then this cream is perfect for you!

    100ml glass jar with aluminium lid.

  • Natural Life Muscle Relaxant Cream

    Natural Life Muscle Relaxant Cream


    Natural Life Muscle Relaxant Cream, made in South Africa from natural ingredients known to fight inflammation and pain, in plastic-free packaging. If your muscles are tight or strained from too much strenuous exercise or from sitting behind a desk all day, you’ll definitely want to try this!

    100ml glass jar with aluminium lid.

  • Natural Life Heel Balm

    Natural Life Heel Balm


    Natural Life Heel Balm for dry feet or cracked heels, made in South Africa from natural ingredients, in plastic-free packaging. Get your feet sandal ready with Natural Life’s minty heel balm!

    100ml glass jar with aluminium lid.

  • Natural Life Sinus Serum

    Natural Life Sinus Serum


    If you’re suffering from blocked sinuses and the congestion is causing discomfort, then this natural sinus serum is a must. With the strong herbal scent of eucalyptus, this serum is made from a base of cold-pressed sunflower oil. This provides a moisturising base, but the real relieving benefits come from the cajeput, eucalyptus, niaouli and tea tree oils which act as an anti-viral, mucolytic decongestant that is sure to get those nasal passages drained.

    Note this is a natural remedy and has not been tested for medical use. When in doubt, always seek professional medical advice.

    50ml glass bottle with plastic dropper lid.

  • Natural life anti-mosquito spray

    Natural Life Non-Toxic Mozzie Spray


    Natural Life Non-Toxic Mozzie Spray, made in South Africa from gentle natural ingredients known to repel mosquitoes, in plastic-free packaging. If the mozzies bug you, better use this to anti-bug them back!

  • Natural Life Bamboo Body Brush

    Natural Life Bamboo Body Brush with Natural Bristles


    The Natural Life Bamboo Body Brush is made from sustainably-sourced, FSC approved bamboo with soft boar hair bristles. The plastic-free zero-waste alternative for a body / back scrubber!

  • Simply Bee All-Natural Hand Cream 125ml Front

    Simply Bee Hand Cream


    Simply Bee all-natural Hand Cream has a smooth satin feel, with easy absorption and not leaving a greasy film. Moisturising and rich, it is packed with nutrients to care for your hard-working hands.

  • Simply Bee Hand and Body Lotion 250ml Front

    Simply Bee Honey Hand & Body Lotion


    Simply Bee Hand & Body Lotion is a perfect lotion that doesn’t just have the aroma of honey, but it also feels like silk on your skin. With all-natural ingredients like shea butter, real fynbos honey, beeswax, propolis and turmeric, this is one seriously luxurious lotion!

    250ml glass bottle with plastic pump lid.

  • Simply Bee Hand and Body Wash 250ml Front

    Simply Bee Honey Hand & Body Wash


    Simply Bee Hand & Body Wash is a luscious liquid wash with added honey that feels wonderful on the skin. With all-natural ingredients like real fynbos honey, sweet almond oil, propolis and turmeric, it is gentle and moisturising – it won’t dry out your hands!

    250ml glass bottle with plastic pump lid.

  • Simply Bee Hand and Body Wash Gift

    Simply Bee Honey Hand & Body Gift Set with Wash & Lotion


    Simply Bee Hand & Body Gift Set is a luscious duo of all-natural liquid wash and lotion, with real fynbos honey and propolis that feels wonderfully nourishing on the skin.

  • Simply Bee Starter Travel Pack

    Simply Bee Starter Gift Set / Travel Kit


    Simply Bee Starter Gift Set / Travel Kit is a perfect collection for busy bees on the go! It contains a set of mini 50ml bottles of shampoo, conditioner, hand and body wash, as well as hand and body lotion. The essentials you need for your toiletry bag, that indeed fits in your toiletry bag! The products are all-natural, and of signature Simply Bee quality.

  • Simply Bee Cuticle Cream 25ml Front

    Simply Bee Cuticle Cream


    This all-natural hydrating, healing cuticle cream by Simply Bee is loaded with beeswax, shea butter, caster oil and propolis. With added lemon oil, this is the balm you’ve waited for all your life to soothe cracked, dry cuticles, strengthen brittle nails, and generally condition your hands. It is long-lasting and rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. This is 911 for hands, cuticles and nails in a potent little bottle!

  • Simply Bee Anti-Septic 25ml Front

    Simply Bee Antiseptic Balm


    One of the Simply Bee range best-sellers, this Antiseptic Balm is a must in every household’s natural first aid kit! It is recommended for a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, cold sores, etc. A golden keeper in terms of natural / alternative remedies!

  • Simply Bee Cold Chest 25ml Front

    Simply Bee Cold Chest Remedy


    The Simply Bee all-natural Cold Chest Remedy contains beeswax, propolis, olive oil and eucalyptus oil. Free from synthetic chemicals, petroleum compounds or other harsh ingredients, this chest ointment is exactly what you need for coughs and colds. A great addition to any home’s natural first aid kit!

  • Simply Bee Insect Repellent 25ml Front

    Simply Bee Insect Repellent


    An entirely natural blend of essential oils in carrier oils, mixed with beeswax and propolis, this Simple Bee Insect Repellent keeps mosquitoes and flies away, without all the harmful ingredients of commercial insect repellents. Citronella and lemon grass is the secret scents that keep the mozzies at bay, while the coconut oil, sunflower oil and beeswax gives it the consistency of an ointment, that you can easily rub all over your skin. A touch of propolis helps soothe existing insect bites and stings. A fantastic all-natural replacement for commercial toxins! Don’t let the bugs bug you!

  • Simply Bee Rescue Pack Front Top

    Simply Bee Rescue Starter Pack / Gift Set


    An all-natural collection for any home’s first aid kit, this Simply Bee Starter Pack / Gift Set contains natural remedies for common ailments, such as:

    • coughs and colds,
    • eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, cold sores, etc.
    • pesky insects and insect bites / stings, and
    • dry, cracked or split cuticles

    A fantastic entirely natural first line of defense for minor situations!

  • Simply Bee Tissue Oil 100ml Front

    Simply Bee Tissue Oil


    Simply Bee Tissue Oil is an advanced, all-natural formula that combines 5 powerful essential oils, beeswax and propolis. It deeply hydrates, protects and restores your body’s largest organ – the skin. The active ingredients in this premium tissue oil are selected for their abilities to heal and reduce scars, acne marks and stretch marks, boost skin elasticity, helps to fade wrinkles and blemishes, even skin tone, lock in moisture and firm up the skin. It has a strong aromatic fragrance. A real natural powerhouse for your precious skin!

  • Mrs Martin’s Probiotic Hand Soap Variations

    Mrs Martin’s Probiotic Hand Wash (Ready To Use)


    Leave your hands clean, moisturised and protected against unwanted bacteria. This hand soap is a fresh blend of orange, olive and moringa oils and contains Vitamin E, as well as millions of the microbes normally found on healthy hands.

    It is very low-foaming, keeping grey water fresher for longer and improves septic tanks’ balance. Great for use at home, homestead, vacation or camp!

    The indigenous microbes you wash down the drain will continue to remove nasties such as nitrates, nitrites and ammonia the natural way. Everything else in this bottle is non-toxic and degrades within 28 days. Even the colourant and fragrance are hypo-allergenic and natural so that you can rest assured you are doing no harm. Neither to yourself nor to the environment. The scientific formulation was tested by the CSIR for safety and efficacy, and is approved by the Allergy Foundation of South Africa.

  • Back2Nature Cellulite Stretch Mark & Scar Body Oil

    Back2Nature CBD Cellulite, Stretch Mark & Scar Body Oil


    NATURE to your skin’s rescue. This diverse combination of oils & extracts specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks & scars. Mustard sprout extract & capsaicin (active component in chili) work together to activate micro-circulation, this with juniper berry fight water retention, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Apricot kernel & rose hip oil rejuvenate the skin & supports elasticity. CBD being rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

    With active ingredients like CBD, Chili, Mustard Sprout, Juniper Berry & Rose Hip, this natural treatment:

    * Deeply moisturizes
    * Rejuvenates & repairs
    * Smooths skins surface
    * Has anti-inflammatory properties

    100ml glass bottle with plastic lid