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  • Ecoelephant Vegan Deodorant bar with and without tin

    Ecoelephant Deodorant Bar (Vegan, Bi-Carb Free, Aluminium Free, Plastic Free)


    The Ecoelephant vegan deodorant bar combines the best of all the worlds, and best of all, it keeps you smelling fresh all day long!

    • It is aluminium free and free of other nasties used in commercial cosmetics
    • It is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant (meaning it will not block your sweat pores, so you will still sweat, but you won’t stink)
    • It contains natural, vegan ingredients that nourish your skin
    • It kills and suppresses odour-causing bacteria
    • It provides a fresh herbal scent, suitable for men and women
    • It does not contain any bicarbonate of soda or other ingredients that will cause skin irritations, thus suitable for sensitive skins
    • It comes in two packaging options: (1) in reusable aluminium tin, or (2) a nude bar refill option for (1), thus eliminating packaging waste and plastic in general
    • It is very affordable, compared to most aluminium-free alternatives, especially when buying refills
    • It is handmade in small batches in South Africa
    • It is a true zero-waste winner, all around!

    Approximately 50g

  • Simply Bee Deodorant Roll-On 75ml Front

    Simply Bee All-Natural Deodorant Roll-On


    Simply Bee’s Roll-On Deodorant is all natural, mild, aluminium-free and alcohol-free. It is particularly suitable for people with delicate or sensitive skin, that might be unable to use normal deodorants. Notably, it does not contain any aluminium, which use in deodorants and antiperspirants has been linked to a marked increase in breast cancer. The pleasant unisex scent will work great for anyone, with a strong, spicy aroma. With a range of strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal essential oils and carriers, beeswax and propolis, it uses the nature’s treasure chest to keep you fresh all day long.

    Also see the description notes for more information on natural deodorants.