General Questions

Why shop at Holisteeq?

At Holisteeq, we take a holistic approach to balance a variety of factors to bring you the best products, at the best price, with the best service:

  • Strict ingredient and material screening
    • We insist on natural, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients. We screen each and every product to ensure it meets our standards.
  • Zero-waste, plastic-free packaging
    • We aim for zero-waste, plastic-free and biodegradable packaging, from the products themselves to the shipping packaging. This is not always 100% achievable, but we try very hard and achieve it most of the time. (Please note that when you choose Pargo or Paxi as delivery option, we have to use their approved plastic sleeves to enclose the goods, this is outside of our control.)
    • We have a checkout option where you can select for us to reuse second-hand shipment packaging, thus giving it a second life before it is recycled. Because we get it for free from suppliers, neighbours, friends and family, we also pass this discount on to you and you get R10 discount from your total checkout amount.
  • Transparency and additional information
    • All our product listings contain the ingredients, materials, packaging, sources, usage instructions, disposal instructions, etc. to make as much of the product’s life cycle visible to you, so you can make informed choices as an intelligent, informed and conscious consumer.
  • Prices for a wide range of budgets
    • Not only rich people should afford to live healthy and eco-friendly! Everything doesn’t have to be super expensive! After all, we need the majority of people on board to drive long-term consumer change towards lower pollution rates – therefore the majority of people need to afford the lifestyle.
  • Relevant education materials
    • Our blog is ever-growing with information to help shape and educate an informed and discerning generation of people, who will change the future.
  • Great customer service
    • To drive long-term change, it means we regard every customer as our partner, and we treat you with such esteem.

How to shop at Holisteeq?

For now, we are online only, and our products are only sold on this website. Follow the instructions in the how-to-order section.

Is there a physical store where the products can be perused and browsed?

Nope, not at this time. It is purely an online shop. Sign up to the newsletter and stay tuned on social media to be the first to know if / when this changes!

What type of products does Holisteeq sell?

What are the product lines?

Broadly speaking, Holisteeq is aimed at consumer households that attempt a sustainable, zero-waste, eco-friendly, natural, organic and healthy lifestyle. We aim to replace the toxins, plastic and other bad vibes commonly found in mainstream grocery stores, convenience stores and supermarkets. Our product lines are growing to meet this goal.

What is the criteria for specific products Holisteeq chooses to stock?

Easy to understand, not so easy to meet:

  • Healthy, safe, natural, environmentally friendly, cruelty free, with either zero or reduced plastic footprint, aiming to reduce total carbon footprint
  • As far as possible, we steer clear from the following ingredients, known or suspected of harmful effects:
    • parabens
    • phthalates
    • sulfates and other harsh surfactants
    • palm oil (unless it explicitly states the palm oil was sustainable wild-harvested)
    • petrochemicals and micro-plastics
    • synthetic perfume
    • artificial colouring
    • ingredients tested on animals
  • As far as possible, we support sustainable farming, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage and transport
  • We have strong preference for products with thoughtful packaging, form, fit and function, to reduce overall waste across the value chain
  • We are not specifically vegan, instead taking a holistic, permaculture stance on animal husbandry and earth stewardship, in that all living beings are connected in the circle of life.
  • We do however stock many vegan products. Products that are vegan are indicated in the main “description” tab and “additional information” tab (unless it is very obviously a vegan product, like a live plant, where listing it as vegan would seem nonsensical and derogatory).

Where are the products from?

The vast majority is proudly made in SA. However, some items are imported, where local options are limited. Each product’s listing will indicate where it came from, in the main description tab as well as the “additional information” tab. In cases where we know from which country the ingredients / materials came from, that will also be stated.

Will you stock XYZ?

Maybe, maybe not… If it is eco-friendly, zero-waste, natura and healthy, there is a good chance we will, or that we will at least try. Else… not so much. Drop us a line on the Contact Us form or email hello@holisteeq.co.za to double-check.

When will new product types be added?

We aim to regularly update our product offering with new lines and new offers. Keep an eye on social media, the blog and subscribe to the newsletter to be in the know-zone!

I want more information about a specific product?

Every product has a large amount of information already listed. Do make sure to check the main “description” tab (below the product images) as well as the “additional information” tab. If you still have unanswered questions, Contact Us on the website or email hello@holisteeq.co.za with the SKU number of the product you want to enquire about.

Where can I drop suggestions, compliments or complaints?

We would love to hear from you! Please Contact Us via the website, or drop an email to hello@holisteeq.co.za

Orders, Payments and Deliveries

How to place an order?

  1. Browse for products using the “shop” menu, or from the home page, or by category in the bottom header row. Alternatively, search for specific products using the search button.
  2. After finding a product you want, choose which variation option, if any (for example choose the desired size, colour, etc. from the “choose Option” dropdown menu).
  3. Next to the “Add to cart” button, there is a number. This is the desired quantity of the product. Choose whatever quantity you want to buy (default is 1).
  4. Select “Add to cart”
  5. Rinse and repeat, to add more products to your “cart” (the same as when you put more products in your shopping basket or trolley, in a physical shop).
  6. At the top-right corner of the menu, there is a picture of a trolley, with a number next it. The number indicates how many total items you have selected to buy. You can hover over the picture next to the number, to get a quick view of the items in your cart.
  7. Click on the trolley picture to get the full cart page, with all the details.
  8. On the cart page, you can make changes, like remove products from the list, or increase / decrease the quantities.
  9. Once you are satisfied that you have everything in your cart you want, click “checkout”.
  10. This will take you to the checkout page, where you can fill in your registration details, if you are not yet registered, or else your login details if you are already registered. Fill in the details and proceed.
  11. Next you need to fill in your preferred shipping method and shipping address information.
  12. Fill in additional notes that will be conveyed to the courier, such as which entrance to use, whom to ask for at reception, etc.
  13. Proceed to payments tab.
  14. If you have a discount coupon or a gift voucher number, you can fill it in now, so it will be deducted from the total. If the voucher / coupon is insufficient to pay the full amount, proceed by paying the balance, else skip the next payment step.
  15. Choose your selected payment method (Credit/debit card, Instant EFT, normal EFT, SnapScan or Zapper).
  16. Fill in the details to match your selected payment methods (help tips will appear above the respective fields).
  17. Make payment.
  18. Proceed to order confirmation and thank you page.
  19. To be eligible to receive a freebie product sample with your order (if and when available), fill in the short survey and privacy notice at the end, or else just ignore the freebie offer.

What are the payment options?

We support the following secure online methods of payment:

Credit / Debit Card

Pay by card via Yoco Pay secure paygate (we do not have access to your card details, instead Yoco handles this transaction of secure data between you and the bank directly). Yoco is an approved financial payment gateway.

Instant EFT

Pay by Instant EFT via Ozow secure paygate to your bank’s EFT facility (we do not have access to your bank’s online login details, instead Ozow handles this transaction of secure data between you and the bank directly). Ozow is an approved financial gateway. NOTE: We will add this functionality very soon!


We will add this functionality very soon!

QR Code (Zapper)

We can generate a QR code for you that will allow you to scan and pay via Zapper. You need to have the app installed on your mobile device and have linked it to your credit / debit card. Contact their support team directly if you have trouble to set up their apps.

What is the delivery policy?

Supported delivery destinations

Currently, we only deliver to destinations inside South Africa, and Pargo collections points outside South Africa. For remote / farm areas, please specify either a Pargo or Paxi pick-up point near you as we are still verifying whether our door-to-door couriers can support these outlying areas.

Delivery options, times and fees

General delivery options, times and fees

You may choose courier (door-to-door), Pargo (delivery to your choice of Pargo pick-up points), or Paxi (delivery to your choice of Paxi pick-up points).

Orders to the value of R500 or more get free economy shipping to almost anywhere in South Africa. Orders below R500 will attract delivery fees, as below.

Delivery OptionDelivery DestinationDelivery Fee
(orders < R500)
Delivery Fee
(orders >= R500)
Delivery Time
Courier (door-to-door)Gauteng metropolitan, including:
R65Free2 – 4 business days
Non-Gauteng main centres, including:
Cape Town,
Durban / PMB / Richardsbay,
Port Elizabeth
R95Free2 – 5 business days
Regional areas in SAR140Free2 – 6 business days
Remote areas in SA
(townships, farms, remote mines, etc.)
R140Free2 – 7 business days
PargoAny Pargo pick-up point in SAR80Free2 – 8 business days
Any Pargo pick-up point outside SAR200R2007 – 15 business days
Paxi (economy)Any Paxi pick-up pointR60Free7 – 9 business days
Paxi (priority)Any Paxi pick-up pointR100Free3 – 5 business days
Delivery Options, Fees and Times

Late deliveries due to unforeseen circumstance

Sometimes, rare circumstances outside our control may cause late deliveries (think of events such as natural disasters, adverse weather and freak accidents that block certain roads, strikes, pandemic related lockdowns with restrictions on trade, etc.) We cannot control these events, and they are rare, but it may happen. Therefore, if your order delivery is taking longer than expected, please Contact Us and we will follow up what is causing the hold-up. Please note we try our level best to stick to the estimated delivery times, and late delivery due to unforeseen circumstances (as explained above) is not a cause for order cancellation or refund.

Item/s out of stock / on backorder

If you order something that is out of stock but available on backorder, we should normally be able to procure it within 1 – 2 business days. If procurement of such an item will take longer than 2 business days, we will contact you to ask whether you would like (a) refund, (b) choose something else in stock to the same value, or (c) wait until stock arrives, with estimated time frame.

Normally items out of stock that take a long time to procure will not be available to purchase on backorder until new stock arrives, to prevent the above mentioned issues.

In some (but not all) cases, we prefer to work on backorder. Think of the “slow fashion” movement, where an item is only created once the demand for it exists. This approach alleviates the problem of manufacturing or storing too much stock, which then later needs to be destroyed or sold at a loss. It guards against us joining millions of companies, that destroy millions of unwanted brand-new products every year, due to “over supply” and “under demand”, for the sake of “instant gratification” (i.e. keeping large amounts of stock to enable speedier delivery). In other cases, the approach simply makes logistical sense – instead of only replenishing 1 or 2 products from a supplier that is currently out of stock and doing so for different products every 3 days, we may wait until we need to replenish 10 or 20 products within 2 weeks (or until an order for something comes through) so as to optimise the shipment from that supplier. In these small ways, we try to minimise our footprint on the planet. We ask for your support and understanding. In return, we will try to let these approaches impact you as little as possible and our decisions try to strike a balance at all times.

Delivery tracking

We will email you the relevant tracking information, as provided to us by the delivery company.

What about international delivery?

The only international delivery we currently support is via Pargo pick-up points (currently this includes points in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, eSwatini, but do verify on Pargo’s list of supported pick-up locations). The delivery fee is R200. For these locations outside South Africa, you will be responsible to pay custom duties in your country.

Who may receive and sign for delivery?

For courier deliveries, anyone at the courier delivery address can accept the delivery. In order for us to prove that delivery of an order has been completed, we do not have to prove that you personally received the goods, but rather that any person at the delivery address signed for the delivery.

For pick-up collection (via Pargo or Paxi), the person who collects the parcel needs to present their ID and the collection code / OTP. You may share your collection code / OTP with someone who collects it on your behalf, as long as they present their ID.

It is advisable to let someone you trust receive it, because once the person has signed for it, the safety and security of the parcel is now in their hands, not ours.

What if there was no-one present to receive the delivery?

Door-to-door courier deliveries are made Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Please provide a delivery address where there will be someone to sign for the delivery during these hours. If there is no one around to accept the delivery, the courier company will contact the recipient via telephone so that a new delivery day can be arranged. Please bear in mind the impact of repeated failed delivery attempts – it wastes time, money, fuel and pollution from unnecessary transport. Please consider choosing to collect your parcel (either via Pargo or Paxi) if you foresee that someone might not be present to receive the parcel during these normal delivery hours.

What if I can’t arrange for someone to be present for delivery?

You can select your delivery option as either Pargo or Paxi, which will allow you to collect your parcel at your choice of their nationwide collection points. In this way, you can collect on a date and time that is convenient to you. You generally have 8 days to collect, from when the package arrives at your chosen collection point.

Can I collect the goods?

During the checkout process, for the delivery option you can specify Pargo or Paxi to collect at any of their nationwide collection points (and specify which collection point you prefer). In rare circumstances, you can email or Contact Us to arrange for pick-up in Pretoria East (specify “other” delivery option during checkout). Please note that this is a rare provision only made in exceptional circumstances, not for everyday use, and only granted with prior arrangement.

Damages, Returns and Refunds

What if I received goods damaged during transit?

We strive to package items safely and securely to endure the transit, but we also try to minimise plastic and other waste from excessive packaging. Also, shipment companies that allow collection at pick-up points such as Pargo and Paxi do not specifically accommodate fragile goods such as glass, so we try and package it thoughtfully with this in mind. It is a bit of a learning curve to strike the right balance, and we ask for your patience, support and understanding in this regard. In return, we will try and let these packaging choices inconvenience you as little as possible. If you receive goods that have been broken or damaged in transit (e.g. broken glass), please Contact Us as soon as possible with as much details as you can, so that we may correct the situation. Please also take a photo of the damage and email it to us, as this helps us understand what went wrong and how we can improve.

What if I received faulty or incorrect goods?

Obviously, we strive to never ship faulty or incorrect good, but nobody is perfect and mistakes can happen. If you are not satisfied with your products because it is faulty, damaged or not what you ordered, please Contact Us as soon as possible with as much details as you can, so that we may correct the situation. Please also take a photo of the problematic product and email it to us, as this helps us understand what went wrong and how we can improve. You have 30 days from receiving the goods to return it if it is faulty, damaged or not what you ordered. If we have verified that the goods are indeed faulty or incorrect, you will have an option to be credited the amount it cost to your account, get a refund, or get the item/s replaced.

What if an item is missing from my order?

If an item is missing from your delivery, please Contact Us as soon as possible with as much details as you can, so that we may correct the situation. Please indicate how many packages you received, who signed to receive it, if the packages were sealed, if there were visible signs of tampering and which item/s are missing. You have 7 days from receiving the goods to report missing items.

What if I want to return my goods because I changed my mind?

You may return purchased items within 7 days of receiving it, for any reason. The goods for return must be unused and still be in their original unopened packaging. You will have to pay to have the item couriered or posted back to us, but as soon as we receive it, we will issue you a credit note. If the process requires a lot of admin on our side, we may charge a 10% handling fee from the original price. Refunds are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and are generally processed within 5 working days of receiving the returned goods.

NB: For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns of any feminine hygiene, menstrual or intimate products such as reusable pads, menstrual cups and sponges, yoni eggs or underwear.

Privacy and Security

Where is your privacy and cookie policy?

Here is our Privacy Policy.

Where is your browser cookie policy?

Our Privacy Policy also has a chapter for cookies.

Where is your cyber security policy?

Here is our Information & Cyber Security policy.

Special Features

What is the blog about?

The blog is a collection of ramblings, resources and recipes. The general topics are related to sustainability, natural eco-friendly choices, waste and toxins, zero-waste lifestyle, tips and tricks for healthier living, organic food gardening / urban scale permaculture, living in tune with nature, clean beauty and eating, DIY projects, etc. The aim is to learn and teach as we grow as a community.

What is the newsletter about?

The newsletter is weekly email that we send out to people who voluntarily opted in (we specifically ask for consent). It contains updates and news on our side – including new blog posts, new store features, upcoming events, new products, fun surveys and competitions, special discounts, etc. Occasionally we may include free resources, like checklists, how-to guides, fact sheets, etc.

Plus, when you sign up for the newsletter (for first timers only), you get R100 off your purchase when you spend R500 or more!

Will Holisteeq spam me if I sign up to the newsletter?

Our newsletter is a weekly newsletter. We specifically ask for your consent to add you to the subscriber list and will not send newsletters without this consent. We also will not sell/trade your details to any others. We hope to only include information that is useful to the majority of our customers, and if you feel the information is irrelevant, not interesting or spammy, or if you have suggestions for content you would like to see, you may let us know via the Contact Us form. You can also choose to opt-out of the newsletter at any time, by clicking the link in the newsletter email that says “unsubscribe”. Also refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

What is a bundle?

A bundle is pretty much just a collection, or kit, of individual products sold together because it is a good pairing and makes it easier to purchase together. Examples are a zero waste kitchen cleaning kit, a zero waste personal care kit, a clean beauty starter kit, a bath time pamper kit, a beard care kit, a new baby kit, etc.

Handy hint: These bundles make especially good gifts! Think mother’s or father’s day, birthdays, baby showers, house warmings, and other special occasions.

What is a gift voucher?

If you want to buy something on our site for someone else as a gift, but you’re not sure what, you can always buy them a token that they can exchange for products of their choice, to an equal value. This token is called a gift voucher. When you select a gift voucher, you can choose between pre-defined amounts. You pay for it, and we send the gift voucher coupon code to the recipient email address (that you specify). The recipient can then shop, and instead of paying for their products, they fill in the gift voucher coupon code. Easy as pie!

If the recipient purchase cost less than the value of the coupon, they can claim the remainder amount later. If the purchase cost is more, they can supplement the payment via any of the normal payment channels.

Is there a gift registry?

Not yet, but soon. Keep your ears peeled, watch social media and sign up to the newsletter to be notified when this is ready!

Other Questions

If you have questions not yet answered above, please do fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you!